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We offer comfortable Stay in Our Sahara Desert rooms at reasonable rates.


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Rooms that are comfortable in Maison Bedouin Merzouga

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Comfortable desert rooms in Merzouga: Maison Bedouin Merzouga

Your reservation will be confirmed by email. We provide lodging in the Merzouga desert, including hotel rooms, desert camps, Merzouga restaurant cuisine, and Camel trekking with activities.

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Double Room

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Triple Room

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Family Room

A driver will take you to accommodation, and you’ll have assistance anytime needed.

Possible to cook own food in kitchen. Available Moroccan salon.

For Merzouga visitors we offer Rooms that are comfortable. Our rooms are ideal for families.

Double Room Maison Bedouin MerzougaTriple Room Maison Bedouin MerzougaFamily Room Maison Bedouin Merzouga
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Single Room

We provide lodging in the Merzouga desert for single travelers.

Double Room Maison Bedouin Merzouga